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Vehicle Composite Application And Why Is A Breakthrough? Say Is A Trend

Mar 22, 2017

The Boeing 787, Airbus A380, C919 ... ... Civil aircraft on the use of lightweight materials, particularly composites has made significant achievements. While demand for lightweight cars, why no breakthrough by comparison? is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan (AnnArbor) Automotive Research Centre has launched a new study to explore why is this car. The Center surveyed 44 produced in 2015 model material and carmakers raised a question: If you have to weight the main parts of the car in the short term, how will they respond? research team survey, composite is an inevitable solution car weight. Research team leader JieĀ·balun (JayBaron) says "If you want to weight the car, it is necessary to use material on a large scale, including columns, beams and stringers, and so on." Automakers also Frank, if you want a car 15% weight loss, it's hard not to rely on composite materials.