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Types And Shapes Of Metal Matrix Composite Materials

Sep 28, 2017

Metal matrix Composite Materials (MMC) is a metal matrix and reinforced composite materials made of a class, is the 20th century, 60 years developed a relatively new material technology.

Aerospace structural parts of the material requirements are basically light, high strength, high modulus, and then is to improve the use of temperature. Light high strength can give full play to the efficiency of the use of materials to achieve lower energy consumption and fuel savings. Improve the use of temperature to meet the high temperature and high performance of the aircraft structure and high temperature parts of the engine requirements. Metal-based Composite Materials can be said to combine these two advantages, through the combination with the lightweight high-strength high-performance reinforcement, both to maintain the original working temperature of the metal matrix, while the mechanical properties of composite materials significantly increased, with the resin Based composite materials, metal matrix Composite Materials in addition to high specific strength, high modulus and low expansion coefficient, the biggest advantage is the high temperature, the maximum temperature of 350 ~ 1200 ℃, in addition to metal-based composite materials in the horizontal And the shear strength is high, toughness is better, but also has no combustion, no moisture absorption, conduction, thermal conductivity, there is no aging problems.

The rapid development of modern high-tech, especially the aerospace technology, has promoted the development of metal matrix Composite Materials. In recent years, with the gradual improvement of the preparation process, the manufacturing cost is reduced and the metal-based composite materials are newly developed.

The metal matrix composite material can be classified according to the kind of the metal substrate and the kind and shape of the reinforcement.

According to the type of metal matrix can be divided into aluminum, magnesium, titanium, copper, iron, nickel, high temperature alloy, intermetallic compound based materials.

According to the form of reinforcement can be divided into continuous fiber reinforced and discontinuous enhancement, continuous fiber varieties are mainly carbon: fiber, boron fiber, silicon carbide fiber, alumina fiber; rather than continuous reinforcement is divided into short fiber, whisker , Particles, etc., and then according to the different properties of reinforced materials can continue to sub-points, such as chopped carbon fiber reinforced aluminum composite materials, silicon carbide whiskers to strengthen the Chin-based composite materials.

In addition, the new enhanced form includes the addition of multiple (two or more) different reinforcements and three-dimensional network (skeleton) reinforcements in the matrix. So there are mixed reinforced metal matrix Composite Materials and skeleton reinforced metal matrix Composite Materials.