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Two Obstacles To The Development Of Composite Materials

Jun 21, 2017

1, there is a high industry barriers to entry and investment risks

Entry barriers is an important factor in determining the market structure, is the fundamental condition of incomplete competition, has been the focus of industrial organization theory.

New material is a new, or has been in the development of traditional materials do not have excellent performance and special features of the material, is a relative, dynamic concept. As the vast majority of new materials are based on the development of traditional materials from the traditional materials in the performance or function of the continuous improvement of the continuation of the composite industry from the beginning with a high industry barriers to entry.

The composite industry as a strategic emerging industry, its huge market demand and profit margins to induce potential entrants have entered. Compared with other mature industries, the new materials industry, there are pre-scientific research and pilot investment in the larger amount of funds, more market uncertainty, the production process and technical means of variability, poor integration of industrial technology, large enterprises, Small enterprises, self-development capacity and other issues, into the barriers specifically for the financial barriers and technical barriers.

In addition, as a more risky industry, investment in the composite industry is often characterized by venture capital, companies must fully analyze and grasp these risks, such as technical risk, market risk and financial risk. The risk characteristics of the composite materials industry, determines the process of industrialization of composite materials will face more serious financial constraints, especially in the initial stage of industrialization, this financial constraints are often particularly serious. As China's venture capital mechanism is not perfect, composite technology mainly by government finance and some powerful enterprises to achieve industrialization, making a large number of scientific research and industrialization impulse enterprises and research institutions can not obtain the necessary funds, Break the limits of funds, can not find a safe exit channel, hinder the industrialization process.

Although the composite material has gradually become a hot market, but there are policies, there is a market does not mean that companies will be able to obtain high profits. Therefore, it is an important challenge for the investment and financing decision-making of China's composite materials industry to do well in the analysis of industrial barriers to entry and to take seriously the investment risk of new materials industry.

2, the lack of inspection standards within the industry

China's composite materials industry, many products, especially the composite materials are not national special inspection standards, is not conducive to standardize the production and product testing, resulting in some low-cost production of substandard products is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry.

Forecast of Market Scale of Composites during the Twelfth Five - Year Plan Period

The development of fiber composite material is a national comprehensive strength of the embodiment of the building of a modern power is an important material base. High-performance fiber composite materials are important raw materials for the development of national defense industry, aerospace, new energy and high-tech industries. They also have a wide range of uses in the fields of construction, communication, machinery, environmental protection, marine development, sports and leisure.