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Three Driving Factors In The Development Of Composite Materials

Jun 21, 2017

Prospects analysis, composite materials industry development drivers include three: R & D technology continues to improve, the market demand gap and the strong support of national policies.

1, technology-driven

With the continuous improvement of the level of R & D technology, new chemical materials have been found, composite materials, new applications have also been excavated to provide composite materials to the market demand, so as to promote the development of the industry.

2, demand-driven

Composite materials in the application of energy saving, environmental protection and other performance in line with the requirements of green development, in addition, with the economic development, the traditional energy reserves are declining, composite materials have a larger alternative space, composite materials market demand , Thus promoting the development of the industry.

On the domestic market point of view, due to China's composite materials industry market late, poor production technology base, and by the system constraints, there are a considerable number of mature market products, especially the basic product was insufficient production capacity of the situation, the domestic market On the situation in short supply, some products, domestic supply gap even more than 50%, need to rely on imports to meet. At present, the overall self-sufficiency rate of domestic composite materials is around 56%, of which the self-sufficiency rate of composite materials in new areas is only 52%, and the self-sufficiency rate of engineering plastics and specialty rubber is only 35% and 30%.

3, national policy strong support

The application of composite materials includes electronic, home appliances, automobile, sports and leisure, wind power, rail transportation, shipbuilding, aerospace, building energy and other fields, occupies an important position in the national economy, is the focus of national industrial policy to encourage the development of the industry.

National industrial policy support to accelerate the technological progress of enterprises within the industry, and promote the independent development of enterprises to improve the domestic industry leading enterprises in the market competitiveness.

Looking forward to the analysis that the low self-sufficiency reflects the current demand for composite materials in China is also a larger space, the composite materials industry will bring a greater role in promoting the development.