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The Combination Of Metal Plate Composite Materials

Jul 13, 2017

Metal composite panels are two kinds of metal through a certain process combined with the composite materials. Through a certain process together with the composite materials can be a good combination of the advantages of the two metals, so to achieve the conservation of resources, reduce the cost of the effect.

Metal composite plate processing technology is generally, rolling composite, explosion composite, explosion rolling composite. Metal composite board is mainly in the petrochemical, salt and alkali chemical industry, paper industry, light industry, power construction and many other industries have used.

Metal composite board to give full play to the advantages of their own raw materials to achieve the optimal allocation of raw materials in each group, thus saving valuable metal materials, reduce costs, but also can achieve a single metal can not achieve performance requirements.

The metal composite panels are processed to require very good mechanical properties. The two metals are usually required to be explosive welded together and do not change the mechanical properties of the substrate during processing.

The extensive use of metal composite panels, to bring a good domestic social benefits and economic benefits in the process of processing and production is very easy to get social support and help, and now heterogeneous metal composite materials, functional and low Cost and wide range of applications, very effective to improve the development potential of traditional metal composite materials.

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