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Study On The Drilling Of Carbon Fiber Composites

Mar 22, 2017

1, material problems such as burns, layered, torn: on the one hand, if the tool is not sharp enough, drilling is slow, increased friction between the tool and the material, produces more heat, it will cause a sharp rise in temperature, stress, defects. The other hand, carbon fiber composite materials made of two different materials, their coefficient of thermal expansion, high strength, and other properties are not the same, strong cutting force, easy layering, faults. To solve these problems is to use the right tools and techniques, control the processing speed, reduce material and the cutter contact area. 2, bit wear problems: hardness of carbon fiber materials can match high speed steel, pistol drill depth of drilling 6000r/min 4.85mm hole, high speed steel drill bit drill 3-4 holes will wear, and high hardness alloy drill bits can drill a 50~70 hole. High hardness cutting tools should be used to solve the problem. 3, the dust: in carbon fiber composite drilling will produce dust problems, coolant can be used in the drilling process the dust away, so it does not spread into the air to prevent harm to humans and the environment.