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Selection Of Reinforced Metal Matrix Composite Materials

Sep 28, 2017

Metal matrix Composite Materials are metal materials and reinforcements made of a class of materials, is the 20th century, 60 years developed a relatively new material technology.

The reinforcement is an important part of the metal matrix Composite Materials, which can improve the strength, modulus, heat resistance and wear resistance of the metal matrix. The choice of the reinforcement is closely related to the performance of the composite material.

The choice of reinforcement, mainly to consider the following aspects.

1. The reinforcement itself should have excellent performance, such as high strength, high modulus, high temperature, high hardness, low thermal expansion, but also has good chemical stability, in the preparation and use of high temperature can not occur in the process of organizational structure and Performance changes and degradation, does not occur in the interface of the interface with the damage to the interface.

2. With the substrate has a good wetting, or through the surface treatment can be obtained with the metal matrix good wetting to ensure that the composite material in the preparation process to enhance the body with a good Composite Materials effect of sports.

3. To consider enhancing the effect. Different enhancements have different enhancements, the best effect of continuous fiber enhancement, followed by whiskers, chopped fibers, and finally particles. But different forms of reinforcement affect the process performance and manufacturing costs, metal forming temperature is higher, which in the choice of reinforced body should be fully considered, for example, with continuous fiber as a reinforcement, although the enhanced effect of the most obvious , But in the preparation of composite materials, fiber emissions, orientation, volume fraction and distribution uniformity are more difficult to control, the molding process is complex, and the need for expensive specialized equipment, an increase of manufacturing costs; the contrary, with short fibers, whiskers , The particles for reinforcement, Composite Materials technology and molding technology is relatively simple, the process can be selective, the volume of the body can be designed to strong, of course, enhance the effect of continuous fiber as obvious.

4. Material cost issues. The material cost of the metal matrix composite material may account for more than 60% of the total cost. The cost of materials is mainly the cost of reinforcement, such as continuous boron fiber, silicon carbide fiber prices are very expensive, silicon carbide, silicon nitride and other whisker prices slightly lower, but also than other whiskers such as aluminum borate, titanium Potassium, zinc oxide, magnesium oxide and other whiskers expensive, and the lowest particle size of particles, a wide range of sources, the most cost in the material cost. The use of low-cost reinforcement preparation of composite materials will undoubtedly have a cost advantage, but the material properties must also be considered.