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PET Film Thickness Test Method

Jul 13, 2017

PET film thickness test method:

PET polyester film in today's microelectronic film, optical film, anti-oxidation film, giant magnetoresistive film, high temperature superconducting film and other fields more and more widely. PET film in industrial applications, the thickness of which is a very important parameter, directly related to the film material can work properly. Such as large-scale integrated circuit in the production process of a variety of film, circuit integration continues to improve, film thickness of any small changes in the performance of integrated circuits will have a direct impact. In addition, PET polyester film mechanical properties, light transmission properties, magnetic properties, thermal conductivity, surface structure and so on are closely related with the thickness.

In response to the urgent need to accurately measure the thickness of the film, a number of solutions have been made to measure the thickness of the film. In the daily requirements are not very strict conditions generally use vernier caliper a tool to test the thickness of PET film; and the need for high precision in the case of now using the optical method, it is relative to other methods with fast, accurate and no damage to the film advantage. In view of the many popular classification methods, according to the measurement method based on the principle of optical classification of the most representative, can be divided into interference, diffraction, transmission, reflection, polarization and so on.