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PET Film Plastic Packaging Industry, The Main Direction Of Development

Jun 21, 2017

The development of the world's plastic packaging products present the following characteristics: the new polyester film packaging more promising; new degradation of plastic attention; foam plastic to zero pollution. At present, the plastic packaging industry mainly in the following direction:

1, high barrier, multi-functional PET film technology continues to improve. Its soft plastic packaging materials has become the focus of domestic development in recent years, including high permeability, multi-functional plastic wrap, aseptic packaging film development soon. With the bag, printing technology on a new level, has entered the era of color revolution, to promote the soft plastic packaging products to the deeper, higher level of development. P />

2, the development of multi-layer co-extrusion technology has changed the functional film and container product structure. With the growing voice of environmental protection, to meet the premise of the packaging function, to minimize the amount of garbage generated. Co-extruded packaging film, the process equipment investment province, low production costs, adaptability, easy operation, there is no environmental pollution problems. Therefore, the international co-extrusion technology developed rapidly, the data show that the developed countries co-extruded packaging film accounted for about 40% of all soft plastic packaging film, while China is only about 6%, apparently the ratio is unreasonable. The development of coextruded packaging film will also change the product structure of multi-functional film, it is suitable for beverage, milk, fresh meat and other food packaging.

3, fresh fruits and vegetables packaging film market prospects. China is the world's fruit and vegetable production and sales power, but about 30% of the water in the storage, transportation, sales process was lost, which is caused by improper packaging is one of the causes of fruit rot loss. Although the physiological properties of different fruits are not the same, but the loss of water, discoloration, taste and rot are common problems. Therefore, in-depth study of inhibition of metabolic processes, reduce the consumption of nutrients, to maintain the quality of fruit flavor is an important issue of fresh packaging. At present, polyethylene film and polypropylene film is the most widely used fresh fruit and vegetable packaging materials.

No matter what kind of plastic packaging, have to meet the requirements of green packaging: to reduce waste pollution; to solve the environmental problems of solvents; recycling problems. Meet the environmental requirements, pollution-free green packaging, will be more and more attention by the community. Therefore, we should vigorously develop green packaging, do a good job in packaging waste disposal and recycling of resources to achieve sustainable development requirements.