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Mar 22, 2017

Widely used engineering plastics production equipment, into suitable for hard products, small volume products of crushing equipment for soft plastic foam recycling of grinding equipment used for pipes, profiles a long direct crushing grain mill products; aggregate machine used for waste recycling. Plastic recycling equipment, now is directed toward low noise, easy operation, continuous tube conveyor discharge hopper development direction. Plastics processing in the process heating equipment is mainly used for extrusion, injection molding, rolling barrels of production equipment such as mold calendering roll temperature and mold temperature, generally apply thermal oil electric heater to replace the steam heating modes. Mold temperature cooler is mainly used for injection molding mold temperature to cool. General die design for cooling water in the channel. Cooler air cooled and water cooled, air cooled portable, low heat capacity, water cooled heat exchanger, heat effects, widely used.