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Easy To Tear PET Film

Oct 19, 2017

Easy to tear PET film Introduction:

Easy to tear PET film PET film is a classification, the main feature is in the ordinary PET film with the characteristics of the basis of easy to tear the characteristics of easy to use.

PET film a more comprehensive performance of the packaging film. Its transparency is good, shiny; with good air tightness and fragrance; moisture resistance medium, at low temperature moisture permeability decreased. PET film excellent mechanical properties, its strength and toughness is the best of all thermoplastic, tensile strength and impact strength than the average film is much higher; and the strength is good, stable size, suitable for printing, paper bags and other secondary processing The PET film also has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance and good resistance to chemical and oil resistance. But it is not strong alkali; easy to take static electricity, there is no appropriate anti-static method, so in the packaging of powder items should pay attention.

The new composite easy to tear PET film: the scientific and technological innovation, product coating by special treatment to change the film molecular structure made of composite film, the overall smooth, no gap sealing strong, not vulnerable to external damage and tear caused by packaging damage. After repeated testing experiments to determine the best value of easy to tear process, made of composite film printing products from any direction and location can be hand-tear. Products using corona coating surface, so that printing more easily attached, do not fall off, fonts, color and feel more comfortable, for all types of products to lay the foundation for the production of packaging.