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China Recycling Plastics Industry Or New Patterns

Mar 22, 2017

With the advent of 2016, industry trends have changed, more or less, recycling plastics industry, presenting a "small businesses have closed down, barely midsize enterprises, large enterprises and Big Mac enterprises surging, industry extends to the transboundary, highly sought after on the Internet" a new pattern. , Family workshops for small businesses under the environmental remediation is eliminated by powerful, although "zone management" policy introduced, but very few successful cases of small enterprises Park. Second, midsize enterprises in environmental protection after rectification is still in production, but by the impact of the market downturn, to eke out, waiting for the market's recovery and policy support. Three are bound in the environmental protection industry, with regeneration resources industry, a group of powerful central enterprises, State-owned enterprises, listed companies have or will strong across the line into recycling plastics industry, such as: gezhouba dam loop, aerospace resources, enlightened sound, miracle, and so on.