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The role and performance of composite material

Mar 22, 2017

Composite compared with traditional materials, has high strength, light weight and modulus higher, good fatigue resistance and damping performance is good, and many other advantages. Composite materials all the materials play a collaborative role in performance, superior performance with a single material can not be compared. Therefore, in the automotive industry, composites are widely used in body, lamp housing cover, front and rear trim, bumpers, springs, seat frames and design and manufacture of components such as drive shafts. Should be noticed in design of composites in automobile industry 3 principles: 1) than in high strength and high stiffness; 2) compatible with the environment; 3) high cost performance. In addition, at the time of the design of the body, there are some experiences, such as in high stress zone for carbon fiber composites has high strength and stiffness requirements of using plywood composites; in the complex geometry of areas you can use laminates.