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Modified plastic broad prospects for auto and home appliance is a breakthrough in

Mar 22, 2017

In early stages of development, modified plastic companies using its own domestic labor cost advantages, occupy the low-end products in the market. After nearly 20 years of rapid development, modified plastics industry in China has grown up a number of well-known enterprises in independent research and development capacity, new product innovation and production stability has been greatly improved, some modified plastics formulation, technology has reached the international advanced level. Modified plastics means in General plastics and engineering plastics matrix of the appropriate modifier, after filling, blend, enhance process modification, improving flame resistance, impact resistance, strength, tensile and toughness. Modified sex plastic application compared widely, main has car industry, and appliances industry, and electronic electrical industry, and building industry, and medical industry, many industry, with "to plastic generation steel" and "car light quantitative, and appliances thin fashion of", trend of effect, "new town of", and "construction beautiful China", policy of gradually implementation, the industry of application products will further expand, enterprise technology upgrade and innovation and products structure of optimization and adjustment, for the industry brings broad of development prospects.