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Glass fiber

Mar 22, 2017

Glass fibers currently used in high performance composites are mainly high-strength glass fibre, quartz glass fibers and silica glass fiber. Due to the higher price of high strength glass fibers, so growth is relatively fast annual growth rate of more than 10%. High strength glass fiber composite application not only in the military, civilian products in recent years has used, such as bullet-proof helmets, bullet-proof clothing, helicopter wing, AWACS radar cover, all kinds of pressure containers, candy bar for civil aircraft, sporting goods, all kinds of high temperature resistant products and the recent reports of high performance tire cords and so on. Quartz glass fiber and high silica glass fiber is heatproof glass fiber is an ideal heat-resistant fireproof material, with reinforced phenolic resin can be made of various structures of high temperature, erosion-resistant composite parts, used in rockets and missiles of thermal protection materials.