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Composites market

Mar 22, 2017

A is clean, and can renewable energy with composite, including wind power with composite, and flue gas desulfurization device with composite, and lost variable electric equipment with composite and gas, and hydrogen high pressure container; II is car, and city track traffic with composite, including car body, and framework and body outside cover pieces, track traffic body, and door, and seat, and cable slot, and cable frame, and grid gate, and electrical box,; three is civil aviation aircraft with composite, main for carbon fiber composite. Thermoplastic composites account for about 10%, the main product for the wing parts, vertical tail, nose cover. China future 20 years between needed added extension aircraft 661 frame, will formed civil aviation aircraft of big industry, composite can built new industry and of phase supporting; four is boats with composite, main for yacht and fishing, yacht as senior entertainment durable consumer in Europe has is big market, due to China fish resources of reduced, and fishing is development slow, but composite unique of advantages still has development of space.