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Composite applications

Mar 22, 2017

① the aerospace field. Due to the good thermal stability, high specific strength and stiffness, can be used to make aircraft wings and forward fuselage, satellite antenna and its supporting structure, solar panel and enclosure, large rocket shells, engine housings, structural parts, such as the space shuttle. Second, the auto industry. Due to the vibration damping properties of composite materials with special, damping and noise reduction, good fatigue resistance, easy repair after damage, easy to form, so they can be used in the manufacture of auto body and mechanical components, drive shaft, engine mount and its internal components. Three parts, chemicals, textiles, and machinery manufacturing. Good corrosion resistance of carbon fiber and resin composite materials that can be used to manufacture chemical equipment, textile machines, paper machines, copiers, high-speed machine tools, precision instruments and so on. ④ field of medicine. Carbon fiber composite material with excellent mechanical properties and do not absorb the x-ray characteristics, can be used to make medical x ray machine and orthopedic support.