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Classification of composite materials

Mar 22, 2017

Composite material is a mixture. Played a very important role in many fields, instead of a lot of traditional materials. Composite, the composition is divided into metals and metal composite materials, non-metallic and metallic composite materials, non-metallic and non-metallic composite material. According to their structural features are divided into: ① fiber-reinforced composites. Will be placed within the matrix composite made of fiber-reinforced body. Such as fibre-reinforced plastics, fiber reinforced metals and so on. ② sandwich composites. Combines the properties of different surface materials and core material. High material strength, usually thin, light core material, low intensity, but it has a certain stiffness and thickness. Divided into solid sandwich and honeycomb sandwich in two ways. ③ fine particle composites. The hard fine grain evenly distributed in the matrix, such as dispersion strengthened alloys, metal-ceramic, etc. Black hybrid composites. Composed of two or more enhanced material mix in a matrix material composition. And common single-reinforced composite materials, impact strength, fatigue strength and fracture toughness of improved, and with special thermal expansion properties. Divided into mixed within a layer, the layer mixed, sandwiched between mixed layer/hybrid and ultra hybrid composite material.