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China's manufacturing industry will give priority to the development of synthetic resins industry

Mar 22, 2017

China Petroleum and chemical industry association President Li Shousheng introduced the basic conditions of the development of China's synthetic resin: 2014 total synthetic resin in China reached 69.507 million tons, an increase of 14%, whether the scale of production or consumption market is big for both exports and imports in the fast-growing State. Also pointed out that, shortly before the Government released in 2025 in the programme for the development of new materials made in China as a key area of development, and synthetic resins are important components of new material industry. China petrochemical Co Ltd Vice President Chang Zhenyong pointed out that China's synthetic resin industry level constraints of sustainable development, lack of high-end product development, materials are not standard issue, and optimized industrial layout to encourage product innovation and development promote the development of Industry Consolidation and integration, to raw materials, equipment of high performance fine, high-end product development and promotion recommendation. Koth (formerly Bayer MaterialScience) greater China President Hu Diwen (Steffan Huber) based on their own business development about plastic the importance of innovation and sustainable development.